System Integration

LEO creates high-quality data centers for you

LEO creates high-quality data centers for you

With the convenience of the internet, integrating weak electrical systems and structured cabling design is a future trend. This ensures the safety of facilities and emergency power in data centers, improves work efficiency, and reduces operational costs.

The 24-hour monitoring system detects abnormalities and provides timely warnings, enabling remote intelligent management. Reliable, stable, and secure networks are provided to achieve the ultimate goal of an unmanned data center.

Space savings

Reasonable data center configuration and good cable management can save space, improve air circulation, reduce equipment redundancy, and increase reliability. All associated costs will also be reduced. Good structured cabling can also improve data center security and reduce the number of maintenance personnel and their time input. By making good use of modular management, a high-quality IT infrastructure and environment for data centers can be created.

Great flexibility

Data center environmental facilities, cabinet systems, structured cabling, and photonic routing can all accommodate future expansion needs. Modular management enables easy expansion, and all investments do not conflict with each other, effectively reducing data center setup and maintenance costs, and optimizing energy efficiency.

In the face of limited space in Taiwan, we can help improve the efficiency and flexibility of data centers by optimizing power, cooling, space, and connectivity requirements. This will promote standardized data center management, easy expansion, and simpler installation, thus meeting the demand for higher transmission speeds and performance, and maximizing effective space utilization.