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Smart Finance

Smart Finance

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We focuses on providing financial related system integration development services, financial automation machine and after-sales service such as ATM, Cash Deposit Machine(CDM),Teller Cash Recycler(TCR),Coin Recycler and so on. To optimize banking needs, shorten customer service procedures, and improve service efficiency and bank competitiveness.

We cooperate with banks for project development.
Including: ATM transaction systems,Image and process flow control system,
Banking enrollment paperless management,
Credit card enrollment/ verify/card issuing process flow control system, Online audit management system, bonus point exchange system and automatic equipment value-added integration development.  

Sales Representative for:

Japanese products: GLORY coin recycling machine and a full range of banknotes fitness sorter, OKI cash recycling ATM and TCR, JCM coin recycling machine, FUJITSU palm vein solution .

Korean products: Hyosung (Hyosung TNS) ATM full range products, Synkey automatic passbook machine.

Glory UW-F Series Banknote fitness sorter
Smart Cash Deposit Machine
Bank audit management system
OKI Recycler ATM
OKI TG7 Teller Cash Recycler
Automatic bank payment kiosk
Image and process control system
Hyosung Recycler ATM
Foreign Currency Cash Exchange Teller Machine
Medical bill payment kiosk
Paperless management system
Palm vein solution
Bonus point exchange system


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