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5G AI Smart Inspection Technology Improves Occupational Safety and Factory Equipment Management Efficiency

5G AI Smart Inspection Technology Improves Occupational Safety and Factory Equipment Management Efficiency

"Metaverse" was one of the most popular keywords globally in 2022, with AR and VR technology playing a crucial role. High bandwidth, high-speed transmission, and computing power are essential factors for the Metaverse,

and in response to this trend, the innovative application development of 5G and AI is not only constantly evolving, but also developing at a breakneck speed. Furthermore, the use of technologies such as 5G, edge computing, and AI has brought about a wave of intelligent transformation in industrial development.

Driven by the trend of intelligent applications, LEO has invested in the research and development of AI integrated application platform technology in recent years. In response to the needs of recognizing large amounts of instrument data, factory equipment monitoring, and inspection information feedback in petrochemical plants, LEO has developed the "LEO Smart Factory Inspection System." The 5G+AI artificial intelligence module comprehensively upgrades factory inspections from time-consuming and labor-intensive manual inspections and equipment management to cloud-based intelligent management platforms.

The "LEO Smart Factory Inspection System" not only combines machine learning algorithms, a large amount of petrochemical-related industry big data IoT data, and analysis data converted from professional practical experience to provide dynamic predictions and various inspection indicators through AI module algorithms. Equipped with explosion-proof helmets with AR glasses modules, 4K cameras, control chips, 5G communication, and other devices, inspection personnel have lightweight equipment, real-time mobile sensing, and automated inspection reporting to improve their mobility and safety. Innovative AI intelligent recognition and analysis technology can convert image analogues into digital data for dynamic analysis in 2-5 seconds, easily solving the problem of difficult remote management of factories. Through two-way audio and dynamic guidance, engineers can effectively provide remote guidance and assist on-site personnel in timely and appropriate processing.

Combining 5G intelligent applications, LEO extends its system technology energy through AIOT, improving factory safety, detecting important data warnings for equipment and facilities, and striving to minimize workplace safety hazards to help companies achieve their goals of improving production efficiency and reducing operating costs.