LEOSYS deliver End – to – End solutions. In 20 pass over years, we specializing in collaborative technology, integration and managed services. The company helps customers meet goals, drive action and improve efficiency by streamlining interactive technologies and standards. LEOSYS aside from being the Greater China largest information technology (IT with communication) company, we're also the Taiwan Top3 SI (System Integration) Services organization, with talented people in more than 14 areas. Our capabilities include: services, software, hardware, analytics and Cloud Application.
We focus on commoditizing businesses like personal computers, and Storages, for many years ago, and strengthened our position through strategic investments and acquisitions in emerging higher-value segments. In addition, LEOSYS transformed itself into an Intelligent Integrated enterprise which has improved our overall productivity and is driving shareholders and participation in the Greater China fastest growing markets. As a result, LEOSYS is a higher-performing enterprise than it was several years ago.
Harnessing the power of emerging technologies requires you to overcome complex systems integration challenges, both within your own organization’s walls, and with your external partners, suppliers, and clients. Our systems integration specialists can help you manage the complexity inherent with technology change, from requirements planning to architecture, testing to deployment, and beyond. And we offer a complete range of industry-leading services to help you, including systems development, solution and platform integration, and program management, functional, and testing services.
You will experience up close and personal how LEOSYS Business Analytics solutions can help you manage risk, drive profitable growth and optimize performance through the latest advances in cloud, analytics, mobility and social collaboration.
Despite its name, Solution and Platform Integration isn’t solely about the technology. It’s also about the people and business processes that are required to deliver the full value of the technology. And that’s where we excel. We bring a deep understanding of the underlying business issues that should be addressed for an architecture-level initiative to be effective. We have experience helping clients with the architecture, design, and development of service-oriented architecture (SOA) and other integration platform solutions to allow information sharing and management between business partners, processes, and systems–and to help enable effective end-to-end business processes.